Only 20 Km away from Chalkis and 90 Km away from Athens we find Eretria, a city rich history and an exceptional landscape of natural beauty that no visitor could unmoved.

Eretria is one of the most important natural port of Evia. Ancient city of Eretria was significant place from the geometricalperiod until the early Christian period. We don’t know exactly when it was founded, however, according to one version.
Eretria was founded by Athenian colonists to facilitate contingency plan of Athenian on the island of Evia.

It’s a city know for the history and it’s culture. Ancient temples monuments and theater await all, who love ancient history to visit. Linked with Ferry boat to the coast Attica and especially to Oropos and a passage for the entire south Evia.

Thousand of holidaymakers and vacationers every year were in modern accommodation facilities, dining and entertainment.