Feast of St. Nicholas
Important religious holiday for our city, is on December 6, the feast of St. Nicholas, patron saint of sailors and so this is also an official holiday for the municipality Eretria.

Feast of Mary Paravouniotissas
Another religious festival that attracts many worshipers, residents and visitors, is that of Mary of Paravouniotissas. Sunday of Thomas, there is a procession of the image, while the next day the church council of the church offers food and snacks.

Day celebration of Epiphany
Also important feast is the January 6, day celebration of Epiphany and Blessing of the Waters. The ceremony of blessing the waters with extreme brilliance in the main port of Eretria, where swimmers, regardless of the weather of the day, make the effort to catch the Holy Cross.

Saint Ioannis Rossos
The Church of St. John the Russian in New Procopius of Evia acts as Pilgrimage, under the direct supervision of the Metropolis Chalkis.
The Pilgrimage is a very important spiritual and social work. Without exaggeration, it is an oasis, resting and rejuvenates the pilgrims.
The grace of the holy relic fills believers, storytellers and calms their hearts filling them with resurrection hope, cultivates no thoughts and mood of repentance.
However, apart from the spiritual rest, resting in the modern and efprepestato hostel and the body of the traveler weary pilgrim.
It is very old, but also human, the Church's position rested and physically who wants to benefit mentally.
This hostel was founded in 1977 and inaugurated in 1989 by His Eminence Metropolitan Chrysostomos former Chalkis (Vergi).
It has capacity of 160 beds and includes apart from the bedrooms and lecture halls and conference rooms, museum, dining, etc. auxiliary spaces.
To date, among others, has hosted Clergy Conferences, Pan-Orthodox Conferences, conducted under the auspices of the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece to meet the heresies and para-religious groups, but also functional banquets and events.
On May 27 are religious events in his memory.